Charles Del Campo is recognized internationally as an Author, Freelance Investigative Journalist, Cult Investigator and Private Detective. Being multitasked in these fields has brought recognition to "Charles" on CNN, Telemundo, Univision, MegaTV and multiple Radio Stations. "Many people are not aware of the underground malevolent undertakings of "sinister figures" in Cults who are involved in malicious events against our love ones".

In CHARLES DEL CAMPO & ASSOCIATES DETECTIVE AGENCY, We are the only authentic "Detective Agency" who is recognized nationwide with official credentials and expertise in Cults. Interestingly, no one else possesses such track record in this field and with verifiable qualifications to support such Cult Investigations claims. Nonetheless, in CHARLES DEL CAMPO & ASSOCIATES DETECTIVE AGENCY, we apply countermeasure methodologies in order to identify, authenticate and diffuse these unrecognizable dangerous assailants. Therefore, technical Cult knowledge, prevention and proper safeguards are key elements in mitigating solutions to these unusual crisis scenarios.


  • PK Parental Kidnapping / Legal Extraction
  • Missing Children - Search Unit/ Locate / Repatriation 
  • K&R Kidnap & Ransom / Rescue Team
  • Cult Investigations / Crime Scene Re-construction
  • Paranormal Anomalies / Research / Analysis / Deceptions
  • Satanic Cult Deprogramming / Social Reintegration
  • GIU General Investigation Unit / Evidence Gathering
  • Cult Abduction Cases / Homicide by Cult / Cold Case Files
  • Defragmentation of Cults / Groups / Brainwash / Delusions
  • K-9 Cadaver Search Handler / Canine Unit
  • Parapsychological Analysis / Demonology obsessions / Poltergeist manifestations /PK
  • Supernatural Phenomena / Identification-Hoax Detection
  • Ufology Assessments / Evaluations / Vulnerability Studies 
  • Serial Killer Cases / Predators / Crime Scene Re-evaluations
  • Unsolved Mysteries / Case Analysis

According to Julio Carlos Perez, (former CIA Agent and Author), 'Charles' has been recognized in the industry as a leading expert in Cult Investigations with multiple television and radio appearances. In CHARLES DEL CAMPO & ASSOCIATES DETECTIVE AGENCY, all cases are held in strict confidentiality and handled with discretion. Contact us for a free evaluation and assessment of your case.



In CHARLES DEL CAMPO & ASSOCIATES DETECTIVE AGENCY, we also covertly work as liaison with law enforcement agencies, attorneys, agencies and institutions. This is not the mainstream layout of any normal society; however the horrors of such bizarre realities and inexplicable events as Terrorism, Cults and Serial Killers are there! 

Note: Sometimes, Paranormal Anomalies are unexplainable supernatural events or as law enforcement describes them; bizarre paranoia perceptions that are registered as unfounded and sometimes being classified as being supernatural and within parapsychological interpretrations. Like so, in these unusual manifestations many times it involves forces or events that are beyond scientific explanations and/or Law Enforcement intervention. Thus, sometimes these unusual events and alleged "altered states of consciousness" cannot be scientifically recognized for lack of better judgment.

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                             "For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
                        For those who do not believe, no proof is possible."
                                                                                       ~Edgar Cayce